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Secondhand Smoke Essay

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Second Hand Smoke

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Secondhand smoke known as “sidestream smoke” is smoke from the end of a cigar, pipe, or cigarette; this can be even more dangerous than smoking, and “mainstream smoke” is smoke exhaled from a.

Essay The Smoking Of Secondhand Smoke - Sidestream smoke has higher concentrations of cancer-causing agents and is more toxic. What those people don’t realize is that secondhand smoke causes more than 41, deaths per year, 7, of that are from lung cancer and 33, are from heart disease.

Secondhand Smoke Essay According to the U.S. Surgeon General, secondhand smoke, also known as “passive smoking” or “environmental tobacco smoke” causes disease and premature death for nonsmoking adults and children, because tobacco smoke.

Secondhand smoke (also known as environmental tobacco smoke) is the smoke a smoker breathes out and that comes from the tip of burning cigarettes, pipes, and cigars. It contains about 4, chemicals.

Secondhand Smoke Essay

Second hand smoke is a pollutant to the atmosphere while at the same time being the source of a dangerous health risk to the general populous.

Writing Help ; Get professional paper help from expert writers, is a legitimate essay writing service that can help. Secondhand Smoke on Children of the Reducing Secondhand Smoke on Children Introduction Second hand smoke pertainsto a mixture of smoke that emanates from a .

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